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Engineering Services

K+S Services can provide your company with professional Engineering Services to increase your uptime and reduce unplanned equipment breakdowns. By contracting this service, K+S will provide a highly trained engineering resource to support and work with your Engineering and Maintenance teams.

K+S engineers use a pro-active approach to increase machine reliability by:

  • Reviewing current preventative maintenance routines and schedules to maximize effectiveness.
  • Reviewing machine ledgers for accuracy.
  • Identifying methods to avoid contamination based losses.
  • Tracking modes and root cause to identify problem equipment.
  • Working within your current maintenance management system to share all data.


K+S Engineers are experts in interfacing with Machine Builders and Original Equipment Manufacturers to gather the information necessary to develop and efficient, knowledgeable maintenance organization. We measure our performance based on Key Performance Indicators developed with our customer to ensure the maximum amount of uptime for your equipment.

We strive to identify and prolong component life by:

  • Reviewing industry wide mean time between failure and related data.
  • Establishing and monitoring baseline component performance to identify predictive maintenance opportunities.
  • Identifying and addressing training opportunities for skilled trades.
  • Communicating machine specific work instructions and Single Point Lessons


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